Let Tom Do It

Let Tom Do It

IT Support, Consultation, Computers, Networks, Security, Repair, Setup, Problem Solving, Training,
Website: Design,Creation, Publication, and Promotion
Film, Photography, 2D and 3D Artwork, Logos, Business Identity and Brandin


Let Tom Do It, and rest assured, that what you need, will be completed to your satisfaction, every time. If you need help with a computer, technology or the Internet, give me a call.

Set Up

I can help you design and set up your computers, networks, printers, Internet access, VOIP, additional storage, backups, and much more. Linux, UNIX, Microsoft, AIX, HPUX, and Solaris systems supported.


Today's applications and tools often require training before you gain expertise. I have had more than 30 years experience using computers, applications, and networks and more than 20 years using the Internet, long before it became the World Wide Web in the mid 1990s.


I have worked as a consultant for many years. Whether you are a multinational corporation or a home computer user, I can provide insight and recommendations that will benefit you.

Repair and Maintenance

Things break but can most often be repaired, especially technological devices and software. Even slow computers and networks can be helped.


If you are interested in having a web site but do not want to contend with finding a hosting service and domain name registration, I can provide a complete hosting solution for you at a very low cost.


Creating an Internet presence is THE way to stay connected with your customers, and build a global client base.

Art Work

I can help you create the art that will identify your business, your brand, your products or services. I have available to me several artists who have years of experience creating logos and business graphics.

And More

I can provide data entry services, typing and editorial services, power point presentations, professional document creation and processing. I can provide and mange printing your business cards, letter heads and such.

I can help you select and qualify vendors, develop business intelligence, perform analysis and research opportunities.

If you use a computer and need help, give me a call. The information presented on this site is just the surface of my knowledge and experience. There will never be a charge if I can not help you!

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