Let Tom Do It

Let Tom Do It

IT Support, Consultation, Computers, Networks, Security, Repair, Setup, Problem Solving, Training,
Website: Design,Creation, Publication, and Promotion
Film, Photography, 2D and 3D Artwork, Logos, Business Identity and Brandin


I have worked as a consultant for many years. Whether you are a multinational corporation or a home computer user, I can provide insight and recommendations that will benefit you.

I have experience performing assessments and reviews of systems, applications, networks, corporate plans, risk analysis, disaster recovery plan creation and validation. My background includes significant expertise in networks and systems security, availability, responsiveness, performance and uptime. My skills include database expertise, and application profiling.

I have expertise in brain storming sessions, mission statements and goal setting. My management skills can help you with your organizations and human resource planning and assessments.

Before you make a decision that might affect your business or home technology purchases in ways you may not realize, consider asking for my recommendations and suggestions.