Let Tom Do It

Let Tom Do It

IT Support, Consultation, Computers, Networks, Security, Repair, Setup, Problem Solving, Training,
Website: Design,Creation, Publication, and Promotion
Film, Photography, 2D and 3D Artwork, Logos, Business Identity and Brandin

Who is Tom?

Tom has been a computer and network engineer, a corporate director, a technical architect and a management consultant. His background in computers began in 1967 when he worked for a company that supplied computer components to NASA. His expertise in technology is both broad and deep. He worked for companies that created state of the art technologies that are now becoming part of the consumer world.

His first computer was an Altair, quickly followed by an Apple ][. Today he continues his technology training and interests from his home office in Danville, PA.

He is also an accomplished artist, his digital art on the Internet is viewed by thousands everyday. His skills in 2D and 3D fine art are used to create art that is unique and striking. He has also produced several animations during the past five years. He composes the music and creates the animations using several 2D and 3D computer programs.